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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bolden Head To China-Joint Space Talks...

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden have an introductory talks with china for potential space partnerships and first-time visits to Chinese humanspaceflight facilities.

Both Obama and Bolden leaders issued a joint communique calling for talks on cooperation in human spaceflight.

Photo:NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden.

Michel cabbage words was that that Bolden's itinerary was not finalized. Seven NASA officials will accompany Bolden on the five-day trip.

Wolf is staunchly opposed to U.S. cooperation with China, highlighting that country's record of espionage and human rights abuses.

Planning or coordination has been approved by the Congress"."In fact, several recent NASA authorization bills have explicitly sought to place strict limitations on coordination with China."

Space powers like Russia and Europe are gradually warming up to including China in more bilateral cooperation, but leaders have made little progress on the thorny issue of Chinese participation on the International Space Station.

Both Obama and Bolden leaders issued a joint communique calling for talks on cooperation in human spaceflight.

NASA quickly issued a statement on the matter, saying U.S. officials checked with Russian leaders and confirmed there was never a formal invitation offered to China.

The administrator plans discussions with officials from several Chinese agencies, including the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the China National Space Administration, the China Academy of
Spaceflight Technology, and the China Academy of Science.

A delegation of Chinese representatives plans to travel to the United States as soon as November,

The specific agenda for a Chinese visit to the United States will depend on the access and transparency NASA officials are granted in China.

Wolf outlined his concerns about the release of "non-public" information to China. Bolden assured Wolf there would be so such release of sensitive data.

Retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program Delayed Until 2011

The Space Shuttle ‘Endeavor’ was scheduled to make the last mission in NASA’S space shuttle history in November of 2010, when it was all set to take off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, but that final launch has now been postponed until February of 2011.

The final flight of the spaceship ‘Discovery’, will be launch in November, if all goes according to plan. The decision to cancel NASA’s space shuttle program explosion of the spaceshuttle ‘Challenger’ when it re entered the earth’s atmosphere, that killed seven crew members, one of which was the first teacher in space.

President Obama bill decided to go ahead with the planned cancellation, but also dropped a Bush initiative which would have placed astronauts back on the moon before 2020, in a new system which would comprise the Orion crew capsule and the Ares rocket. But Obama’s current fiscal plans ditch the Ares and makes Orion into an emergency lifeboat which would be docked constantly at the International Space Station.